Devon is full of delightful foods to try during your visit. In fact, the coastlines and plentiful green spaces provide a plethora of wonderful local produce. It is no wonder that some of the UK’s top seafood festivals happen in Devon! It isn’t just those though, during your time in the county, you’ll find Farmers’ Markets, street food, amazing restaurants, quaint cafés and everything in between, so much so that you’ll be spoilt for choice, so to make it easier for you, here are five things you absolutely must try!

bowl of custard


Just let us explain, Devon is the home of the creamiest of all the custards so be sure to take up any offers of custard on your dessert! In fact, clotted cream is a Devon delicacy as is ice cream!

barrel of apples


This is a type of cider and is probably Devon’s most famous beverage made from the region’s historic orchards. It isn’t just cider you’ll find here though, gin and wine are also produced in the area.


Fresh fish

Head to areas such as Brixham and sample some of the delicious fresh fish that goes from the sea to your plate in a matter of hours!


Beef and lamb

Raised on the richly fertile land in Devon, farms here produce world class meat, especially beef and lamb. Whether you tuck into a burger or go for something a bit more up market you’ll find an out of this world taste sensation.

cream tea

Cream Tea

You can’t come to Devon and not have a cream tea! You’ll find cream teas all over the region and there are even vegan and gluten free options available! However you have your cream tea, just make sure to put your jam and cream on the right way!