Holidays on the British coast just aren’t the same without the age old tradition of crabbing. You’ll find that there are little shops selling crab lines all along the coast, so grab a couple of see what you can find! Just make sure to put anything you catch back where you find it and to leave the area clean and tidy.

Some of the region’s beaches and harbours are better for crabbing than others, so here are a few of our suggestions for the best places to extend your lines and see what bites!

Salcombe Estuary

parent and child sat at the harbour

Salcombe is one of South Devon’s most beautiful places, the town is charming and the views across the estuary can easily make you believe you’re somewhere far away. While you can find crabs in the marina, make sure to spend some time looking out for dolphins and seals, both of which make an appearance in the warmer weather!



Located near Torquay, this is a popular spot for families and is quieter than its neighbours in the wider English Riviera. Babbacombe is a beautiful spot, with wonderful views and there is a diverse range of sealife, so you can easily find some interesting crabs and other small crustaceans.



Wembury is one of the best places for finding small marine animals. It is part of the Marine Conservation Area and is an Area of Special Conservation, so there are lots of creatures to be spotted. As it is a conservation area, there are loads of interactive displays in the nearby Marine Centre and plenty of rockpools to explore.

Another great place to visit to find small sea creatures and rock pools is the Jurassic Coast, so that is always a good place to visit once you’ve exhausted all the amazing beaches in the south Devon area.

Will you be heading out to any of these spots to do some crabbing this summer? Or do you have a favourite beach in South Devon perfect for catching a crab or two? Let us know! You can get in touch with us on Twitter and Facebook. If you do head out into South Devon, or anywhere else to do a spot of crabbing, make sure to follow all the signage at the beach and be sure to return the crabs and anything else you catch back into the water.