Did you know that Devon Day is celebrated on 4th June every year? That’s just one of the fun facts we’re going to share with you to help you get into the spirit!

While it might be overshadowed by the queen this year, we’re taking a break from the Jubilee to mark Devon Day – because why wouldn’t we want to shout about the UK’s best county? Devon Day takes place on 4th June every year because that is St Petrock’s Day. He’s the patron saint of Devon and the person who Devon’s flag is dedicated to. You can find references to St Petrock all over Devon, like at the Roman Walls in Exeter and at Newton St Petrock in the Torridge area. We’ve pulled together some of our favourite facts about Devon to help you celebrate too – how many of these were you already aware of? Let us know!

Did you know… Devon is the inventor of the pasty? While our friends over the border like to claim it is a Cornish Pasty, the oldest pasty recipe actually indicates that it was originally created here instead.

Did you know… The oldest human remains in the UK were found in Devon? Experts have said that they are from around 44,200 BC.

Did you know… Ancient elephant bones were discovered in Barnstaple?

Did you know… It is believed that the UK’s oldest working lighthouse is in Devon, it was built in 1361.

Did you know… The oldest commercial bakery in the world is in Plymouth?

Did you know… Devon is home to the UK’s only six-sided house?

Did you know… Stone quarried in East Devon was used to make St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London as well as Exeter Cathedral.

Did you know… Devon is home to the highest man-made waterfall.

Did you know… Devon has more road than any other county in England, there are 8,000 miles of roads!

Did you know… Some of Britain’s best known pirates and privateers lived in Devon? Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh both had homes here. You can even visit them!

Did you know… Catherine of Aragon, the first wife of King Henry VIII, took her first steps on British soil in Devon? She arrived from Spain by boat, docking in Plymouth before heading to London to meet the Prince of Wales, Arthur Tudor, who she married before Henry.

Did you know… Westward Ho! is the only place in Britain with a ! in the name? It is also one of the only places in the UK to be named after a fictional place. The name came from a book called Westward Ho! by Bideford-based author, Charles Kingsley.

Did you know… The last witches in the UK were executed in Exeter.

Did you know… The narrowest street in the world, Parliament Street, is located in Exeter, it is only 0.64 meters at its narrowest.

Did you know… one of the oldest golf courses in the world can be found in North Devon? The Royal Devon Golf Course is also one of the best courses in the world.

Did you know… The youngest castle in the UK can be found in Devon, it is now managed by the National Trust.

You can find more fun facts about Devon by picking up a copy of our 2022 guide, find it online here.