The world-famous Sculpture School, nestled on the edge of rural Dartmoor, is holding another major sculpture exhibition from Monday 24th April. Following the huge success of their inaugural One Year Student’s Graduate Show last year, this year’s exhibition will feature works by their most talented alumni. 

The sculpture school’s global appeal as the leading centre for realist figurative sculpture led it to launch a 12-month intensive programme in 2021. This unique course is suited to serious students wanting to develop a career as professional sculptors, something no other programme in the country can do. However, this year the school has seen a wealth of talent emerge amongst their regular workshop students as well. As a result, this year’s exhibition, titled ‘Species’, will be a collection of inspiring sculptures specially selected from their top alumni.

Sarah Goodfellow, in her second year at The Sculpture School, explains how she was inspired to sculpt the Caracal;  “Last Autumn in Kenya, I was lucky enough to track a Caracal with a Samburu guide just as dawn was breaking. They take the chance to hunt in the cool air as the birds begin to emerge for the day. I thought they were so striking with their beautiful ears that as soon as I got home, I felt I had to sculpt one while my memory was still fresh. I love working in three dimensions as it's a huge challenge to make your subject look right from every possible angle, much harder I believe than painting on a canvas for example. Andy has shared a huge wealth of tips and tricks to help bring a Sculpture to life.”

The Species exhibition will be open to everyone from Monday 24th April through to Bank Holiday Monday 1st May from 10am to 4pm.

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