We appreciate the concern some visitors may have regarding the recent media reports of a very localised cryptosporidium outbreak. This very localised outbreak is affecting a very small area of the English Riviera and there is no evidence to suggest that other areas of Devon or the wider English Rivera will be impacted.

The vast majority of attractions, accommodations, restaurants, and natural wonders throughout the English Riviera and the rest of the county remain unaffected and open for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re planning a day trip, long weekend or are looking forward to visiting Devon next week for half term, there is no need to sacrifice your well deserved break away! Despite sensationalised news reports, the affected area is very localised, with a low number of cases being reported. The drinking water across Devon is safe to drink and all restaurants, bars, hotels and other tourist attractions are running as usual.

Of course, we are always on hand to provide the latest information and to offer support to both visitors and locals who are spending time in the county during this time.

The Chair of Visit Devon is working closely with the CEO at English Riviera, and both would like to reassure visitors that measures are in place to contain the outbreak. If you’re coming to Devon over Whit Week or the next few days, make sure to stock up on the sun cream, it’s set to be a scorcher!