A seal, named Windo by locals, has become a local celebrity after taking up residence on an upturned boat in Dartmouth. So many people came along to photograph him sunbathing on the inflatable, he had to temporarily abandon his perch to get away from them, but he kept returning once the crowds died down.

Windo is the latest creature to become popular with visitors to Devon, the ponies on Dartmoor and Exmoor are a huge draw, as are the penguins at Living Coasts.
While Windo might be rethinking his sunbathing spot, visitors to the region can spot seals all year around, particularly at Pear Tree Point off Start Point and the Mew Stone, near the mouth of the Dart.
Grey Seals can be seen during the winter months hauling themselves onto the rocks in order to give birth and raise their pups.

According to locals the seals living around the coast in Dartmouth are very friendly and are often seen bobbing about and sun bathing.

Basking sharks and turtle migrations can also be spotted at this time of year along the whole South Devon coast, particularly from high vantage points, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled while following the cliff top trails.

Don’t forget though, seals are easily scared, especially by dogs, so do keep a safe distance and make sure your dogs are on leads when you’re out and about on the coast paths and around seal hot spots.

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