Happy Devon Day!

For those of you who don’t know, Devon Day is celebrated annually on 4th June and is a national celebration of all things Devon. There are loads of ways to celebrate Devon Day, especially as it falls within the Half Term week this year – you could enjoy a cream tea (the Devon way of course!), try some real Devonshire custard with your dinner, buy Devonshire gin, order a real West Country Cider or even bake some pasties – the recipe is originally from Plymouth after all!

To help you celebrate, wherever you are, we thought we’d see how well you know Devon with our Devon dialect quiz. Can you translate these sentences?

Here are your answers, don't cheat! 

How well did you do? 


Wasson - What's going on

Ee's as 'ard as a dug's 'eed - He's as head as a dog's head, which means he's well hard!

Yer gurt noodle - aka You great noodle! This means Oh, you are silly! 

Teddies - potatoes

Rabber Daster - A woodlouse