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Torquay is one of Devon’s most popular destinations and it’s not hard to see why! Located within the English Riviera with its mild climate, picturesque palm trees, connection to Agatha Christie and abundance of things to do, it is ideal for families, couples or solo travellers. Whatever you’re taste or budget, you’ll always find something to see and do while in Torquay, including adding some scenic shots to your Instagram profile. Here are five of our favourite places in the town to grab that perfect shot!

First up, the Harbour.

Torquay harbour

Not only do you have the iconic wheel and the boats parked up, but there’s all those hotels and grand houses up on the hill overlooking the marina too.

Next, the town from the coast.

coast at torquay

The Pier

torquay pier

Whether you’re re-enacting Ryan Gosling’s musical number from La La Land as you walk up and down or you picture yourself as a Victorian holiday maker, the pier is one of the town’s most iconic views.

The Gardens

princess gardens

Right by the harbour, Torquay’s gardens change with the season and always look pretty whatever time of year you visit. You’ll also find the large wheel, access to the local theatres and eateries and the shopping centre just a short journey away.

Honestly, all the green spaces and gardens around Torquay are pretty special.

princess gardens


Those rolling hills

hills in torquay

Many of Torquay’s hotels and homes can be seen on the cliffs and hill tops around the town and these make wonderful photos, especially in the sunshine.

The Promenade


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