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Can You Tell Apart the Devon and Cornwall Dialects?

16th September 2019

Categories: Visitor News

Can You Tell Apart the Devon and Cornwall Dialects?

While we love our Cornish neighbours (in spite of the cream tea arguments - one day, we’re sure they’ll learn to put their cream on first) sometimes, the confusion between our two counties can be pretty tiring.

We’re sure they feel the exact same way; after all, Devon and Cornwall are two separate places. We have our own cultures, our own traditions, our own beautiful beaches, and our own process for making the perfect cream tea. (It’s just that ours is better - okay, sorry, we’ll stop.)

Just once in a while, it’d be nice for these inner-city folks to refer to us separately, and to acknowledge our differences as well as our similarities. For example, accents and dialects - we’re sure Somerset and Dorset can relate to this one too - while we may all sound like farmers to the untrained ear, we actually have our own unique sets of dialect and slang, which we hold onto dearly. It’s not just the ‘West Country Accent’ - it’s a bit more specific than that.

That said, we do understand the confusion. So today, whether you’re a Cornish local, Devonshire born and bred, or a grockle or emmet who has come to love our county like your own (we love you too) try your hand in this little quiz - let’s see how well YOU can differentiate between the Devon and Cornwall accents! Create your own user feedback survey

Did you find it super simple, or did a couple catch you out? Wherever you hail from, and however you did, let us know over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


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