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North Devon is Becoming England’s ___ Coast

19th March 2019

Categories: Visitor News

We’ve had some exciting news this week - North Devon is set to get it’s own, new tagline!

Coinciding with English Tourism Week, North Devon will be getting a new, official title - England’s ____ Coast! The only question is - what will the missing word be?

We have a few guesses though.

England’s Foodie Coast

Credit: Thomas Carr at the Olive Room

It’s no secret that North Devon is home to some of the finest - and most diverse - eateries in the South West.

We’ve got everything from fine dining establishments, like Thomas Carr at the Olive Room, to comfort food restaurants stockpiling mouthwatering burgers. There’s always somewhere to get a roast or carvery, there’s seafood galore thanks to the local fishing trade, and with the introduction of the North Devon Food Trail app, it’s easier than ever to explore all the flavours North Devon has to offer.

England’s Surf Coast

Credit: Robert Newall

Our beaches are a pretty strong contender too - after all, we have some of the best in the country, with Woolacombe Beach being crowned one of the top 10 in the UK by TripAdvisor.

Particularly significant is our surf; we’re well known as one of England’s hotspots for surfing, with plenty of west-facing beaches crashing against our shores and carrying our surfers with them. From long sandy stretches brimming with people, to quiet coves, there’s something for every level of confidence and ability. Plus, with a really welcoming community, there’s no better place for a beginner.

England’s Adventure Coast

Credit: Bob Cowlard

After all, surfing isn’t the only adventure that North Devon has to offer. We’ve got other water sports, as well as miles upon miles of the South West Coast Path.

We have dramatic landscapes and cliffs to climb, forests to explore, trails to bike, hike or otherwise explore, with wild streams and of course plenty of wildlife. Not to mention our boating tours, surrounding islands like Lundy (the UK’s first ever marine conservation) and areas of natural beauty.

It’s certainly true to say that here in North Devon, an adventure is never far away.

England’s Nature Coast

Credit: Mark Clinton Johnson

Then again, we’re pretty rich when it comes to nature. With Exmoor’s Dark Skies reserve providing us with some of the most phenomenal night sky sights, as well as the National Park. Alongside our Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Biosphere reserves, we’re lucky to have easy access to some of England’s most amazing displays of wildlife.

There’s a huge diversity in our landscape too; from the rolling dunes of Saunton Sands and the natural beauty of Braunton Burrows, to the dramatic cliffscape we’re privy to over at Valley of the Rocks - it would be easy to see why this is a title we’d fit.

England’s Culture Coast

Credit: Phil Longshaw

They say nature inspires art, and maybe that’s why North Devon is so enriched in culture and the arts.

We’ve got Damien Hirst’s Verity (controversial as she may be) looming proudly over Ilfracombe Harbour, with the Broomhill Art Hotel and Sculpture Gardens providing plenty of incredible sights in Barnstaple. That’s not to mention our abundance of museums, galleries and theatres dotted around the place, or our beautifully curated gardens, from RHS Rosemoor to the walled court gardens located at Clovelly, one of the most unique and iconic villages in the UK.

When we think about it, any one of these could be applicable - because there’s plenty to discover here in North Devon. We’re definitely no closer to figuring out the title though.

Let us know what you think it might be on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, and keep your eyes peeled for announcements that’ll reveal all in the next few weeks!


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