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North Devon Locations Abroad | How Do They Compare?

7th September 2018

Categories: Visitor News

North Devon Locations Abroad

North Devon is known for its coastal towns and picturesque villages. They play a huge part in the charm of a seaside holiday and have become household names for UK getaways. But how do they compare to their siblings across the pond?

Bideford vs Biddeford, Maine

Based in York County, Biddeford is a city on the eastern side of the United States.  Much like our own Bideford, it relies heavily on its proximity to the water. With rivers running through the centre of both, they’ve been top destinations for thousands of holidaymakers over the years. Although the weather may be a little warmer over there, we still think that our much loved UK hotspot tops the charts, because who can turn down ice cream on the quay?

Instow vs Instow, Canada

With its small beaches and sandy dunes, Instow is the chosen destination for tourists looking for a pleasant beach walk and delicious food too. Home to Johns of Instow and The Instow Arms, tourists flock to the small and picturesque village as they pass through North Devon. Unlike our own village, its Canadian sibling isn’t quite as bustling, as the small farming community in Canada only has a population of one. Interestingly, the small town was named after Instow, England by its founder C. Herbert, who was actually born in Devon.

Clovelly vs Clovelly, Australia

Clovelly is one the busiest tourist attractions in North Devon. This small village on the edge of Bideford is unlike any other, with its houses dotted around the steep cobbled streets. It is not uncommon to overhear people say “I thought Clovelly was in Australia”, and they are actually correct. Australia have their own Clovelly, although slightly different to our own. A small seaside suburb just down the coast from Sydney, it plays host to thousands of toe dippers as they enjoy their summer holidays. Still not a patch on our royal and historic gem though.

Barnstaple VS Barnstable, Massachusetts

Barnstable takes it name from Barnstaple, Devon and is a town in the US state of Massachusetts. Known for its agriculture, fishing and salt works it now has a population of just over 45,000, almost double the size of our own. Sat on the edge of the coast, its population get to enjoy vast expanses of sun, sea and sand, making the towns similar in these ways (maybe with a bit less sun here in Devon).

Appledore and Appledore Island, Maine

The home of Celia Thaxter and originally the artist’s salon, Appledore Island lies just off the coast of Maine and is a picture-postcard setting. Today, the island is home to the Shoals Marine Laboratory and unlike the seaside village of Appledore, Devon, it has no residing habitants. With less seclusion than Appledore Island, the stunning views and popular events like Appledore Book Festival make the North Devon village a hotspot for tourists all year round.

Ilfracombe vs Ilfracombe, Australia

In terms of landscapes, Ilfracombe, Australia is a world away from the famous seaside town of Ilfracombe in Devon, the home of Damien Hirst's Verity. Think of a typical western cowboy film and you’re pretty much there. Calling itself the ‘Hub of the West’, it is commonly known for its production of wool. We’d much rather dip our toes in the cool Devon sea any day!

After exploring our common towns and villages across the globe, we can safely say that we still think North Devon gives you everything you need for the perfect coastal getaway. If you have visited any of the twin towns we have mentioned, then make sure you let us know on our Facebook page - we’d love to know how you thought they compared.


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