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About the Devon Tourism Partnership

The Devon Tourism Partnership is the Destination Management Organisation for Devon. The public face of the Devon Tourism Partnership is the Visit Devon brand. The partnership protects and promotes the Visit Devon brand with a range of marketing initiatives and acts as the voice of Tourism for Devon, working with the Local Authorities, the Local Enterprise Partnership and Visit England.

The Devon Tourism Partnership (DTP) is made up of senior representatives from: Visit Dartmoor, English Riviera Tourism Company, Heart of Devon, North Devon+, Destination Plymouth, Visit South Devon, Devon County Council and the Devon Association of Tourism Attractions (DATA).

With a continuing changing landscape in respect of reduced public funding available for tourism destination promotion, the DTP heralds a positive new approach. The DTP will deliver significant efficiencies through collaborative working and shared expertise that will positively benefit the vitally important Devon tourism economy in this exceptionally difficult economic climate.

This approach maximises budgets for the promotion of the Visit Devon brand, and delivers a greater return on investment for the tourism sector. Funding for this activity is provided by all 8 partners, with Devon County Council acting as the accountable body.

What does the Devon Tourism Partnership do?

The partnership came into effect in April 2012 with a remit to:

  1. Deliver the Tourism Strategy for Devon aligning to the VisitEngland framework
  2. Provide strategic support to the Devon Tourism sector.
  3. Promote the Devon brand through marketing and PR campaigns
  4. Provide a collective voice for Devon tourism
  5. Develop the quality agenda for Devon
  6. Support for skills development for the tourism sector
  7. Manage a cohesive county wide visitor research programme to monitor the performance of the destination.

Frequently asked questions

How can tourism businesses benefit from Visit Devon campaigns?

Tourism businesses that are members of their Area Tourism Partnerships automatically benefit from Visit Devon campaigns. This is because our activities are designed to drive visitors to which acts as a portal site for the Area Tourism Partnership sites.

How does this approach benefit the tourism industry in Devon?

Firstly, Tourism businesses are not paying multiple memberships, secondly the Area Tourism Partnerships are not competing with each other on major campaigns, rather they are working together which in turn delivers significant efficiencies and better outcomes.

Can tourism businesses advertise on the Visit Devon website?

Yes there are a range of advertising opportunities available for tourism businesses across the Visit Devon website. For more information simply contact your Area Tourism Partnership.

How do I get in touch with the Devon Tourism Partnership?

The first point of contact for tourism businesses is your Area Tourism Partnership representative (listed below).

Press Enquiries
Dawn Bebe, Onshore Media

Chair of Devon Tourism Partnership
Victoria Hatfield

DARTMOOR & WEST DEVON                                                                                              
Jenny How

Carolyn Custerson

Victoria Hatfield

Harry Roberts - North Devon Marketing Bureau 

Stephanie Cherrett

Jamie Yabsley

Devon Tourism Partnership - Accountable Body
Devon County Council: Rosie Bates

Visit Devon Accommodation Approved Scheme

Download information on the fees for the above scheme and an application form here.